Zuari 53 Grade OPC Cement

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Zuari Primo 53 Grade Cement


  • High early compressive strength
  • Early deshuttering of form works possible
  • Most suitable for high grade concrete {M25 and above]
  • Slender and economical sections can be designed by structural consultants
  • Reeducation in construction time possible
  • Consumption of steed in structural designer


  • General RCC works-high rise residential and commercial structures and industrial structures
  • Precast concrete products-concrete blocks,panels,paver blocks aerated auto clave blocks, railway sleepers
  • Preste rssed concrete components-beams, columns, slabs, silos, chimney, ect
  • Suitable readymix concrete
  • concreting at low temperature
  • White toping and concrete roads, highways, flyovers.
  • Folded plates and shell roots
  • Suitable for defence structure like bunkers