ARS Steel was established with the objective of building long term profitable and mutually valued partnerships with stakeholders. Known for its unique distribution network and the best quality TMT Bars, ARS is a brand with the largest steel plants in South India. ARS TMT Bars are widely supplied across South India through its authorized network of distributors.

It is the result of ARS strong focus on customer-centric products, quality, persistence and determination that it continues to be a global leader in the Steel and Metal sector. ARS TMT Bars are widely lauded for their exceptional strength, wear resistance, ductility and ferrous resistance.

ARS constantly ensures to enhance the progress and well-being of its esteemed stakeholders by introducing products like ARS TMT Bars. ARS has set a benchmark for value creation and revenue generation and proudly established itself as the largest steel plants in South India. To maintain its position as the largest steel plants in South India, ARS keeps on enhancing its technical and operational mechanism.

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