Indus 555 TMT

Indus Steel is one of the leading Iron & Steel manufacturers in Karnataka, produces quality TMT Steel that has the best strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement.

Indus 3x 555 Fe-550 TMT Steel is produced using the most advanced technology, unique X – ribbed pattern provide more ribbed area for concrete mixture to bond with the steel rod, giving extra strength to the building. Indus is also involved in the manufacture of TMT bars. Technological advancements in the last decade saw the emergence of TMT bars. TMT or THERMO MECHANICAL TREATED bars are recognized throughout the world. They are produced, keeping in mind, energy and environmental conservation, which is a radically different approach to producing construction steel. 

TMT bars are produced using the world's most advanced technology. The steel bars are at a high temperature when they leave the last rolling stand. They are immediately passed through a pre-determined quantity of a high-pressure water-cooling system.

This instant cooling tempers the outer surface and it becomes very hard. The next phase involves cooling at an ambient temperature that allows the hot core to temper the surface through thermal exchange. This results in a unique tempered structure of martensite (outer) and a fine grain bainite-ferrite/ pearlite(core) that is stronger, more flexible and far better suited for construction. This process imparts high yield strength to the bars along with better weldability, homogeneity and ductability.

Indus X-Ribbed TMT :
Indus has pioneered in manufacturing a new dimensional TMT rods called Indus X ribbed TMT. These bars give Xtra strength and xtra safety to the construction. Since Indus X ribbed is a premium product, the customer will have the following benefits.

Why should Indus X-Ribbed TMT be used?
Besides the general advantages of TMT rods, INDUS X Ribbed TMT rods have the following advantages.

Xtra Bonding -The unique pattern of X – ribbed provide more ribbed area for concrete mixture to bond with the steel rod, enhancing the strength of the buildings.
Xtra Elongation - Indus X ribbed rods have the Xtra benefit because of higher ductability which will suit any kind of construction.
Xtra Savings- The weight of the rods are maintained at the optimum range of ISI standards which gives savings around Rs 700/- per tonne.
Xtra Safety - The added strength (Proof strength and Ultimate Tensile strength) to the steel rods helps in more safety for the buildings.
Xtra Life - The Xtra Intrinsic Corrosion Resistance property of these bars gives longer life to the structure.