Kay2 TMT

Kay2 TMT Steel ISI Fe 500 Grade 

Apart from the formation of bars to precise tolerances, the critical process is the thermo-mechanical-treatment defining the final characteristics as regards molecular structure and mechanical properties. Kay2 Steel TMT bars are formed in very precise conditions to create the right temperature gradient that form the martensite structure on the outside and a flexible fine-grained pearlite core.

Extreme care in selection of raw materials, an automated mill to form the rebars followed by precisely controlled quenching and tempering process define quality of TMT bars. Our mastery in the latter process ensures TMT bars with the right characteristics of about 30% hardened peripheral areas with a ductile core that makes it ideal for construction.

Kay2 Steel TMT bars meet industry standards and specifications as regards fatigue strength, creep resistance, weldability, bendability, crack resistance and tensile as well as compressive strength. Stronger and with better mechanical properties than similar bars, Kay2 Steel TMT reduce usage of Steel by 20% while assuring higher strength to structures for a longer period, proving to be cost effective.



Grades Fe 500 & Fe 500 D
Diameter 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25 (28 and 32 available on bulk demand)
Chemical Composition for Grade Fe 500 D

SI. No. Content Percentage(%)

  • 1 Carbon (Maximum) 0.25
  • 2 Sulphur (Maximum) 0.035
  • 3 Phosphorous (Maximum) 0.035

Physical Properties for Grade Fe 500 D

SI. No. Content Percentage(%)

  • Yield stress (Minimum) 530 N/mm2
  • Elongation (Minimum) 18% (min.)
  • Tensile Strength (Minimum) 600 N/mm2

*KAY2 technical team is equipped wih advanced testing facilites to ensure KAY2 quality standards.


  • Premium quality KAY2 TMT Bars are made from billets.
  • Excellent quality and surface finish due to premium quality of raw material & latest rolling techniques.
  • Continuous R & D and an eye on the Global Technogical Trends to ensure that our customer get the best.
  • Sophisticated labs to check the consistent quality of bars.
  • Strict metallurgical control is maintained at every stage of production, from receipt of raw material to dispatch of finished product. The company has a dedicated quality Assurance Department with a wll equipped laboratories & Trained Technicians to monitor the process and materials at different points.
  • Our Quality Assurance System is an entire process that keeps upgrading from time to time.

You must check out the following essential qualities while purchasing TMT Bars :

  • It must bend easily.
  • Its ribs must be sharp for the strongest bonding with cement.
  • Never ever use a TMT made out from scrap, it cannot endure construction longer.
  • It must have good combination of strength & ductility.
  • The weight standards of TMT Bars per meter must be as per ISI standard.
  • TMT Bars must have been manufactured by an ISI & ISO certified company.
  • Every meter length of TMT Bar must bear its company stamp.