Our state of the art high-speed continuous rolling mill ensures that loop doesn’t get formed and strength, form, shape & diameter is maintained across the entire length of the bar conforming to BIS standards. We follow industry standards for primary steel manufacturing to ensure top quality and consistent mechanical properties.

Strong and resilient Thermo Mechanically Treated RADHA 550 (TMT) Bars delivers exactly what builders, architects, and consultants need – the strength, durability, and resistance of steel. The superior quality of Radha 550 TMT bars, Manufactured using THERMEX (also known as 'Quenched and Tempered rebars’), is a result of four key factors:

  • High quality primary raw material - MS Billets.
  • Fully automated hi-speed rolling mill.
  • German-designed quenching and tempering technology.
  • Stringent testing and quality control process.

We ensure that our TMT bars not only meet the highest quality specifications but also suit the tropical conditions of a region.

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