Vizag TMT

Vizag or Visakhapatnam Steel is one the popular steel manufacturers in India, who are known for their Quality Products and Customer delight. They produce 8mm - 32mm Fe-500D TMT Steels which has better bonding strength with cement. 

Vizag Steel is one of the leading Iron & Steel manufacturers, produces quality TMT Steel that has the best strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement.

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd (RINL), also known as Vizag Steel, is an Indian Government owned steel producer. Based in Visakhapatnam, RINL has been awarded the Navaratna status, with accompanying autonomy of operations, due to its strong financial performance.

RINL operates a 3 million tonne per annum capacity steel plant in Visakhapatnam. RINL is investing 125 billion (US$1.9 billion) in the first phase of expanding its capacity, to target production of 6.3 million MT of steel a year by 2012.RINL’s annual capacity is expected to reach almost 15 million MT by 2015.

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Special Features:

  • Low carbon content and made from fully killed steel
  • Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength and higher percentage elongation
  • Easy bendability, weldability and excellent ductility ensures economy and safety of use
  • In-built ability to resist loss of strength at higher temperature
  • Require less energy for bending and re-bending along with superior reverse bending properties
  • Can be butt welded or lap-welded
  • Higher corrosion resistance and seismic resistance
  • Ideally suited for any type of concrete structure
  • 120 metres length of the cooling bed available for self tempering, which is unmatched by any other mill in India
  • Made from virgin steel in Blast Furnace to Basic Oxygen Furnace to Continuous Casting route
  • Steel is fully killed, made from best quality raw materials